No Spill Oil Funnel for BMW


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This funnel is designed to work with specialty adapters to create a leak-free seal so you can easily change your vehicle's oil. The size and shape of this funnel accommodate a large quantity of oil and can even hold a quart-sized oil container inside so you can do other work while you wait for the oil to fill the engine.

No spill, hands-free funnel hooks directly up to your OEM BMW valve cover the same way your oil cap does. This secure attachment allows for you to have two hands-free to hold the oil canister as new oil is poured in or walk away as the oil fills your engine.   The funnel disconnects from the base for easy cleaning.

This will be the last oil funnel you ever buy.

Fits most all BMW models however, some plastic engine covers may not allow for the wide funnel to clear the base from attaching to the valve cover on newer models. Make sure you have clearance before purchasing. The funnel capacity is 2.0 liters.