F22 Coupe, 2014



2014 BMW F22 Coupe 2 Series dealership sales brochure.

Information on the interior, exterior, efficient dynamics, technology, heritage, engineering innovations, engine technology, M Performance, chassis and performance technology, safety, M Sport, Sport Line, paint colors, interior options and more.

Pages: 62

Models Covered: BMW F22 228i, M235i

Condition:  This is an original print sales brochure, NOT a reproduction.

Grade A - Excellent for the age. No bent corners, stains, rips, holes, or folds.  Perfect binding.

Grade B - Slightly bent page corners (not creased).  May have minor binding damage.  No tears, rips, stains, or folds.

Shipping: This brochure is safely shipped in a non-bendable envelope to ensure proper preservation in transit.

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