Antenna Delete Plug for BMW


Antenna Delete Plug Product Information:
- Plug and play installation. 
- Naturally self seals / water proofs antenna cutout with soft rubber top.
- Requires no use of sealant or modification to OEM cutout.
- Locking tabs snap plug in place with fingertip pressure.

Will it fit?
Ensure your antenna cutout has not been modified and is the OEM diameter. 
An unmodified cutout will measure approximately .85 inches (2.16 cm)  in diameter.

Fits ALL E23, E24, E28, E30, E36 and Z3 models

Why won't a plug from the hardware store work for 50 cents?
These plugs are hard plastic and do not seal the cutout without adding silicone adhesive.  

These plugs are designed for American Standard cutout size and not intended to fit in a metric size hole.

What sets our plug apart from competitors? 
When you purchase our product you will get 100% satisfaction guaranteed, we are confident this is the best solution to your problem.  We stand behind our product, if you don't like it, return it for a refund.  No questions asked.

Most competitors have off-the-shelf hard plastic plugs that do not truly self-seal without the use of silicon.  Do not be fooled.

Our plug is the highest of quality, co-molding two types of plastic.

The soft plastic seals the hard plastic creates a tight fit snapping into place.