18mm Pass Through Socket Tool for Strut Nut


18mm Pass Through Socket Tool for Strut Nut

This special pass-through socket allows for proper torquing and tightening of the strut mount top nut. This socket features a 21mm counter hold which fits a regular 21mm open-end wrench.

Since this socket is 82mm deep well, it allows for easy access to recessed strut nuts inside deep strut mounts. In addition, the top of the socket features a pass-through opening wide enough for various counter hold tools to be used with easy to properly torque the strut shaft top nut to the strut mount.

Works for BMW, Porsche, Audi, Acura, Toyota, Honda, Ford, Subaru, and all other car makers.

Ensure your strut nut is a hex nut (six-sided).  This tool will not work with 12 sided nuts.